What’s in a Name? Numerology Will Tell

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Did Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis know she would someday become a celebrated¬† First Lady? Did Martin Luther King Jr. get any hint he would inspire a socio-cultural revolution? Did Britney Spears have any inkling she would become famous, marry a tool named KFed, and end up shaving all her hair off? Whenever we read the biographies of famous people, we often run into a chapter that describes how they knew – simply knew – what they will someday become even though the ghost of Christmas Future did not tiptoe into their rooms at night to whisper about the life that lies ahead. Many think it’s destiny. To people like Blair Gorman, though, it’s called numerology.

Numerologists believe that a person’s name holds the clue to the future – the person’s future, anyway. What’s in a name? Numerology practitioners think there’s a lot in a name! Using a person’s name, numerology charts can show the different paths that a person may eventually have to take. One path is good and not surprisingly, the other is bad. They can’t be all good, after all, or there wouldn’t be any need for making choices.

Name numerology isn’t all that hard to understand, appreciate, or practice. Even if you’re mathematically challenged, name numerology is easy to understand because you will be using a chart. Each letter of a name has a corresponding digit and this name-number equivalent is found on a name numerology chart. Master numerologists like Blair Gorman can give you crash lessons on numerology. Or, you can ask for a personalized reading which will introduce you to numerology first-hand. Once you understand how it works, you will discover how it’s possible for a person to be destined for greatness based on his or her name and its numerical equivalent. Yes, numbers have meaning and in name numerology, they literally show what the future holds for me and you!

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