Birthday Numerology

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I’m an information junkie and if you visit this site regularly, you know I am always posting info about birthday numerology.

Well, I found a great article I think you should read. Don’t give me that look (translation: ‘What?!? More reading to do?)! How else can you gauge for yourself how valuable the article is unless you read it?

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Every day of the month has a significance in birthday numerology. Just as in astrology, the day and month you were born in has significance, so in numerology, it is also the day you were born.

However, there are a couple of different ways to figure out birthday numerology.

One way is to simply take the number of the day you were born, in whatever month, and find out what that number signifies for your life.
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Numerology Names

Phew! Another BIG day of surfing the Internet looking for new info about numerology names AND I found this awesome article I just had to share with you! Check it out below, I’m sure you’ll find it really interesting. Make sure you come back and click on the link at the end of the sentence […]

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Numerology Names and What They Mean

When most people think of numerology, and how it affects t heir lives, they think of figuring out the number of their date of birth, or their “life path number’ which is figured out by reducing the day, month and year of their birth down to a single digit, and then consulting a reference work […]

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Numerology Meaning: What About It?

Before talking about numerology, it is important for you to decide which particular system of numerology you want to follow. Practically every civilization has developed some kind of numerology. There are lucky numbers and unlucky numbers in all cultures. For example, in Japan, “4” is an unlucky number. In western culture, “7” is a lucky […]

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Finding a Numerology Meaning

As you all know, I am really passionate about numerology meaning. I live and breathe it! I’m always trying to cook up new ways to learn about numerology meaning and on one of my Internet surfing trips, I found this awesome article. I’ve pasted it below to share with you. Make sure you come back […]

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Psychic Numbers and How They Work

If you’re looking for information on “psychic numbers,” what you’re really looking for is information on numerology. So what is numerology, you’re asking? Numerology is the study of how numbers affect our lives.  Some people view it as a “mystical” practice, while others find it a scientific method for understanding ourselves. Are there things in […]

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Tarot, Psychic, Numerology, or Astrology Love Readings – Which Is The Best Reading For You

I came across an interesting article that discussed psychic numbers. It was rather informative and actually made me stop and think for a few minutes (okay, okay, I’ll come clean – seconds!). I copypasted the article below so you can read it yourself. Just make sure that when you’re done, you come back up and […]

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Learn About Life Path Numerology

Numerology has been practiced…practically since time began! Mathematicians like  Pythagoras and St. Augustine of Hippo made serious studies of life path numerology. The system fell out of practice during the late 1900s, when science took over, but now the concept of numerology is being studied again. Basically, numerology is a system which believes in the […]

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Life Path Numerology

If you’ve been visiting my blog for some time now you’ll know that I really LOVE talking about life path numerology. I look to every corner of the globe for information about it so that I can share the best of the best with you. On one of my most recent “searches” I found this […]

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