Numerology: Numbers with Divine Powers

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I challenge you to enter the world of numerology, numbers and spiritual gurus and see just how amazing it really is. Many of you may already have turned your mind off just by reading that statement and I too likely would have done the same up until about a week ago. I took a life path reading figuring I would receive just a generic response much like a horoscope that you’d find in the paper. How in the world could someone make a prediction about me using just my name and the numbers in my birthday? I just doesn’t seem possible or logical for that matter by today’s standards.

I was totally wrong about numerology, I’ll gladly admit it. I filled out the required questions and then waited about fifteen minutes for a response to be calculated. The information was not only astonishingly accurate but it made claims about my life that a generic response surely could not make. First off it said that I can’t stand working under a boss and that I will likely pursue some sort of freelance career, which is exactly what I’m doing. Okay so maybe that was just a coincidence, if those even exist. Next it said that I will develop a keen interest in spiritual matters and that I’ll likely shift through many religions. Once again dead on, I love reading the eastern disciplines literature and about early Christianity. The deciding factors though came when it said that when going gets tough I’ll likely try and escape either literally or through substances. Being a recovering addict I can surely say that this wasn’t just some generic response typed up for all people who share my birthday, there has to be more behind it.

I’m not quite sure yet where numerology gets its power from but I intend to find out. The world of numerology, numbers and mystics is an astonishing place if you give it a chance to prove itself to you. If you’re interested check out a site called, that’s where I had the reading done that I mentioned above. I can honestly say that I think you’ll be blown away by its shear accuracy; I challenge you to give it a try.

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