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Phew! Another BIG day of surfing the Internet looking for new info about numerology names AND I found this awesome article I just had to share with you!

Check it out below, I’m sure you’ll find it really interesting.

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Did you know that all names are Numerology names?

That is because all names can be translated into their numerical/numerological meaning, simply by applying each letter to its numerical equivalent.

It’s as easy as A, B, C.

For example:



C=3 and so on until the end of the alphabet.

So let’s take a look at a random name.

‘Geoff Andrew Jones’.

Numerologically his name looks like this:

















His name contains:










Very briefly this means that he has 3 karmic lessons to learn.

These are indicated by the fact that he has no letters that relate to the numbers 2, 3 or 8.

Missing a 2 means that he needs to learn patience and to pay attention to all details.

Missing a 3 means that he will have to be expressive and dramatic in this life in order to be heard.

Missing an 8 means that he has to learn the value of money during this life time.

Having another quick look at Geoff’s numerology name we see that he has a lot of 5’s in his name. However, a lot of people do, as the letter E relates to the number 5 and the letter E is the most used letter of the alphabet. So Geoff isn’t unusual here.

He does though, also have a lot of 6’s in his name and this isn’t usual. Because he has four 6’s in his name (whereas most people only have 1) this warrants further investigation.

The number 6, in general, represents love, harmony, responsibility and the family. Because Geoff has a lot, doesn’t automatically mean that he’s very loving. Instead he has an overload of the number that can have a detrimental effect on his personality.

Having this many 6’s in a name means that he’s over-responsible, taking on his and others responsibilities when really he shouldn’t.

He may be very particular and fussy, wanting things ‘just so’. This is because of the strong sense of harmony and beauty that he feels.

He is also likely to have very rigid views, knowing just what is right for everyone else, whether they ask his opinion or not. This attitude comes from him thinking he’s coming from a place of love and therefore he’ll think that his suggestions should be listened to!

So having read that you may be thinking that less is more.

Actually in Numerology as in most metaphysical subjects, what is hoped for is balance. Therefore we wouldn’t want a name with too few or too many 6’s. With one or two 6’s in a name, a person would feel a natural sense of love and responsibility towards his family and friends and shouldn’t feel or be perceived as out of balance.

Apart from many other aspects, Numerology can highlight your strengths and limitations from your name (as it appears on your birth certificate).

This helps you to be self-aware and know what aspects of yourself to work on, should you wish too.

Depending on your Destiny number and the life you lead, some over-balanced or under balanced numbers may actually suit you.

Understanding Numerology names just gives you a deeper insight into your character and helps you to love or at least tolerate yourself better!

This article was written by: Laraine Turner

Good article, wasn’t it? I knew you’d like it. Check out the info here if you want to know EVEN more about numerology names.

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