Numerology: Compatibility Measured Numerically?

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How do you determine compatibility? If you ask Blair Gorman, the answer will surely be, “Through numerology!” Gorman is a numerologist and no, a numerologist isn’t a batty person who talks to numbers or scrawls digits all over bedroom walls. What numerologists do is use numbers to identify and thus classify the core figures that one’s decisions can be based on. The principle behind numerology compatibility is simple. We all have lucky numbers that can help us chart the course of our personal and professional lives. For example, have you ever felt that 15 is a lucky number for you? Did your husband propose on the 15th day of the 15th month since the two of you started dating? Was 15 the number of the ticket that won you a door prize or a trip for two to the Hamptons?

Mind you, numerology compatibility doesn’t revolve solely around considering certain numbers as your lucky numbers. While compatibility with certain numbers forms the core of numerology compatibility, these numbers can only be put to work when used as part of a system. Yes, there is such a thing as a numerology system and what’s more, this system is both fascinating and fun. You can consult a numerologist like Gorman to get started on numerology or you can do it yourself, using whatever resources you find online.

Numerology is fun and whether you try it as a skeptic or a believer, you will be amazed to discover that there is actually a science to numerology. It’s not just some hogwash someone came up with at the last minute. Numerology, particularly numerology compatibility, operates around a system that considers many things, among them the harmony of numbers and the negative or positive association between certain figures. Why not give numerology a shot? It wouldn’t hurt to find out how numbers can affect your life.

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