The Numbers in Numerology: Meanings Revealed

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Numerology is a really interesting art that has amazed many people by its accuracy. Its results are so accurate that some people even call it a science due to the fact that it can predict events and give detailed readings of not only yourself but others as well. Obviously numbers are the most important aspect of numerology. Meanings of those numbers can vary for each numerologist and each person having a reading, but the intrinsic meaning of those numbers still remains the same. In this article I’ve compiled a basic list to reference and interpret the number you’ll find within yourself.

We’ll start with 9 and count back to 0. People associated with nine are typically generous and compassionate; these types of people often get involved in community service or charity work. 8’s generally have a keen interest in money and power so they usually pursue jobs in business and government. 7’s often have strong interest in philosophy and sometimes may be drawn to reclusiveness. The number 6 is often associated with being caring and having a strong sense of family value and hold marriage in high regard. 5’s are considered exciting and always embracing change; thus 5’s are the type to travel or have a job that allows them to pick up and leave. 4’s are generally hard workers and usually get the things they want not by chance but through perseverance. Number 3’s are outgoing and enjoy being the centre of attention. Number 2’s are usually patient and understanding so they often make good companions. Finally, number ones are viewed as leaders and have a highly developed creative side to them.

This was just a rough outline of many key aspects of numerology. Meanings of the numbers can differ greatly from numerologist to numerologist so I would suggest checking out a site called which provides a free life path reading so that you can experience the powerful art of numerology.

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