Psychic Numbers and How They Work

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If you’re looking for information on “psychic numbers,” what you’re really looking for is information on numerology.

So what is numerology, you’re asking?

Numerology is the study of how numbers affect our lives.  Some people view it as a “mystical” practice, while others find it a scientific method for understanding ourselves. Are there things in our life, and in ourselves, that are pre-determined? Numerologists believe so, and they believe that by finding one’s psychic number, one can learn what those pre-determined items are.

However, there is a slight problem with this…in that there are many different forms of numerology. Practitioners in the East figure the numbers differently from those in the West. So bear that in mind when you are looking for psychic numbers for yourself and loved ones.

Psychic numbers are part of Vedic numerology, therefore – part of the Hindu belief system. According to this system, “psychic numbers” define your character, and are dominant until a person reaches the age of about 35. After that, the “destiny” (or life path) number, takes over.

For this system, you input the day of your birth, the month of your birth, and the year of your birth, and achieve it the same way, adding all the numbers together and reducing them to a single digit.. Basically, while their “destiny” number is the same as our “life path” number, their “psychic number” consolidates our “vibratory number.” For example, if you’re born on the 21st of a month, you’re vibratory number is 21. Your psychic number, however, is 3.

Whatever numerology system you use, just make sure that you are computing your numbers and then using the right reference work to find out what those numbers mean!

One thing to remember when doing vedic numerology, however, is that this system calculates your date of birth differently. In this system, the day starts at dawn. So if you were born between midnight and dawn of a particular day – for example the 5th, you were not actually born on the 5th bu the 4th, because the 5th didn’t actually begin until the sun came up. (So check those birth certificates for the time of your birth!)
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