Numerology Meaning: What About It?

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Before talking about numerology, it is important for you to decide which particular system of numerology you want to follow. Practically every civilization has developed some kind of numerology. There are lucky numbers and unlucky numbers in all cultures. For example, in Japan, “4” is an unlucky number. In western culture, “7” is a lucky number..

Numerology, meaning the study of how numbers affect us, Each numerology system has a different way of calculating at least some of the numbers it uses in its belief system. Numbers can be used based on the number of one’s birthday alone, from 1 to 31, or from the complete birth date.

Of course, there are other types of numerology as well. Some systems don’t limit themselves to figuring out people based on their date of birth, but rather on their names as well. These are the Abjad numerals in Arabic, Hebrew numerals, Armenian numerals, and Greek numerals

In other words, practically every culture has sought to divine mystical meanings out of numbers and their relationships to human lives.

It’s possible to find all sorts of information about numerology meaning on the web, although it would be best perhaps to get a few books from the library first, to receive a firm grounding in numerology and what it means, and what it can do for you.

Numerology, like astrology, is a tool to help an individual learn about themselves. It is not a divination, really (for all that astrology columns in newspapers give advice about each individual day) but rather allows you to learn what your dominant traits are, and your tendencies..and what lucky numbers to choose should you want to start a business, for example, or name a family dog. Numbers resonate in all our lives.

Numerology meaning does not need to be interpreted for you. Simply choose the particular numerology method that suits your fancy, and keep consistent with it.
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