Numerology: Love Matches in Numbers?

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Pythagoras believed in numerology. Love, life, happiness, sorrow, empires, decisions – all these are, to quote Pythagoras, built upon the power of numbers. And let’s face it – we can’t dismiss Pythagoras as quickly as we dismiss seers, soothsayers, and the modern day $3-per-reading-at-the-country-fair fortune teller. After all, Pythagoras gave Algebra the Pythagorean Theorem. He wasn’t a loon who raved about  numerology love and numerology compatibility; he was a man who believed in science and scientific processes. And if Pythagoras believed that the world could quite possibility be built on numbers, numerology couldn’t possibly be all quack, no?

What makes numerology so fascinating is that it while it’s recognized today as a system of magic, at its core is the belief that the universe is made up of mathematical patterns. Math and magic, magic and math – these two do not usually go together but they do in numerology.

Numerology operates on the principle that all things can be reduced to numerical values. Names, birthplaces, and birth dates can be converted to their simplest forms – that is, numbers – and you can use them to make choices that will affect your future positively. For example, you could take a quick look at a numerology chart and discover the numerological equivalent of the name of that guy you’ve been thinking of dating. Is Brad Tupperware’s number an odd one? Then you might want to rethink considering a future with him. You’re an even number and according to the stars, an odd-even combination is no good; it’s one that could only result in conflict, perhaps even a disastrous relationship. Does this mean you should only date men whose digits are compatible with yours? If so, how could you tell? Well, Blair Gorman has the answer. Gorman is a master numerologist — and you can’t be a master at anything unless you’re really good at it, right?

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