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For many people who do not know what to do with their life, numerology can be a useful tool to provide answers to various questions.  (It always must be remembered that numerology is a tool used for self awareness, and is not a specific roadmap for your life.  Self will exists!)

However, if you act in ways you don’t understand in your life, numerology can help you by showing you what those traits are.

Everybody has a “vibratory number.”  Just as the word looks, it means a number that sets up “vibrations” or resonances within your life.

By discovering what your vibratory number is, you can find out so much about yourself, about your dominant traits, about your less dominant traits, about your tendencies, and so on. Some people have a hard time recognizing themselves, but when they read a description of their traits in a numerology reference work…. then they can see it.

Working with numerology is not a way to find success in your life… such as deciding if you should take a job in a new state, find a new boyfriend, and so on. It doesn’t direct your life, it simply educates you about yourself, and gives you the knowledge needed to make changes and improvements if you so desire.

So, how do you find out how in your life, numerology can assist you? Well, find your vibratory number.

There are two ways to do this. One way, is to simply take the number of the day on which you were born, and refer to a list of traits and attitudes that are dominant for that number. To do this, you would look up a number from 1 to 31, whatever date your birthdate happened to be.

However, the more usual way is to reduce your entire birthdate to a vibratory number.  To do this, add all the numbers of your birthdate together, and reduce it to a single digit. So, a birthdate of 02/05/1975 will be 2+5+1+9+7+5, or 29, which equals 11 when added together, which equals 2.

That is your vibratory number, and that is the number you would look up in a numerology reference work.
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