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Numerology has been practiced…practically since time began! Mathematicians like  Pythagoras and St. Augustine of Hippo made serious studies of life path numerology. The system fell out of practice during the late 1900s, when science took over, but now the concept of numerology is being studied again.

Basically, numerology is a system which believes in the mystical relationship between both  numbers and physical objects or living things.   If a person reduces his or her birthdate to a single number, for example, using a specific formula, that number can then be used to figure out a life path. Numerology is that simple.

So what is a life path? Well…some numerologists believe that a “vibratory” number will tell them the traits and tendencies of the individual with that number. Others believe that such a number will also tell people the actual way in which their life will unfold, based on which tendencies are dominant.

For example, if your “vibratory” number is a 1, some experts say that you are motivated by ambition, and the desire to do great things. You have the potential (potential is the operative word, of course) to be a great leader – an entrepreneur, a general, a CEO. Your life path, therefore, would be to reach that pinnacle – to achieve the position of CEO.

However, everything is based on the fact of potential. Your life path may have a light shone on it by numerology, but if you do not take the steps to make it happen – getting the appropriate education and so on, it will not happen.

Life path numerology is a valuable tool, but all it is is a tool. It is a tool to help you know yourself, to know your weaknesses and your strengths, and to maximize the strengths and minimize, or better yet, strengthen, the weaknesses! The last thing you can be if you are going ot be a great leader is someone who is awkward around people, for example!
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