How to Determine Your Numerology Path

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Now is a better time than ever to discover the astonishing world of numerology. With economic problems running rampant and the stress of daily life at an all time high, you may feel lost and searching for something more in life. A lot of people have turned to ancient teachings and the wisdom of the masters to get a deeper glimpse into the true nature of this reality. One of the most popular of these teachings is numerology and it’s basically a way of looking at life with numbers instead of just our eyes.

Numerology’s roots are in mathematics, much like how astronomy’s roots are in astrology. One of the most fundamental aspects of the practice is the numerology path or as it’s sometimes referred to, the life path. The path can easily be determined by adding the numbers of your birthday together and then summing the digits of that result.  For example, if your birthday is January 2nd 1994 then you would add 1+2+1994 and the result is 1997. Next you add the digits of that number together and you’ll come up with 26, which you would also add together and end up with 8. Therefore this person’s numerology path would be 8, which coincides with money and power, so this person would likely pursue a career in big business or government. The interpretations of the life path numbers can vary considerably but with more knowledge of the art you can make more and more accurate predictions.

The predictions that you make can help with assessing difficult decisions and choices that you have to make in your life. If you’re looking to find out more about numerology then I suggest you check out a great site called There you can get a free reading and truly discover the potential of numerology.

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