A Better Future with Numerology Numbers?

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Have you heard of numerology? Have you heard of the importance that numbers play in our lives? In numerology, numbers indicate the future. Priests called it Providence. Poets called it chance. Screen legend Greta Garbo, on the other hand, called it a royal pain in the neck. I call it the future but numerology calls it by an entirely different name – destiny.

Like it or not, we all have a destiny. Madonna’s destiny was to be the Material Girl. Pierce Brosnan’s was to play 007. Barrack Obama had a destiny, too, and it’s one millions of Americans helped him achieve when they placed him in the Oval Office. But I digress. In numerology, numbers play a crucial role. They are the bridge between the here and the now, the tie between the present and the future. We don’t know what the future holds but numbers can help us chart our destinies. You see, at the heart of numerology is the idea that everything in the universe is a pattern – a numerical pattern. For us to make the most out of our potential, we need to use this pattern to guide our decisions.

Helping people make guided decisions is one of the things master numerologist Blair Gorman does. Gorman shows people how to make numerological calculations with incredible speed and ease. Once you master this skill, you can do your own calculations of numerology numbers, use this computation to guide your decision, and sit smug in the knowledge that you left everything to chance using very precise and scientific processes. For the most part, crunching out numerological calculations involve finding out one’s destiny number. To do this, you write your birthdate numerically and add all the numbers. You continue adding the double numbers until you end up with one number. Sounds like fun? It is, and at the same time, it’s useful, too!

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